Watering on a warm morning


Floradora went to the garden early in the morning to water the seedlings…




…The cosmos are getting their secondary leaves!



Now the soil is soaked so if the day ends up warm the plants won’t be thirsty…




…the human watered the Iris patch.



8 thoughts on “Watering on a warm morning

    • Thank you very much – it was a lovely morning! So often we have a chilly wind blowing off the sea – it cools things down and also dries them out, so Floradora and I are out there watering almost every day!

  1. Dear Hitty Lady, I should say this, maybe not first time, this is an amazing creative post, first of all your photographs are so beautiful. There is a real photographical eye behind the camera. And sure stories, and art that you created on these pages… Although it may seem like a fairy tale, far from life, it actually comes from within our lives(s)… that we forget and miss… there is a heart full of beauty and goodness is here with us in this virtual state. Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, to you and to your family. Love, nia

    • Thank you so much, Nia, I know am very lucky to live in a beautiful and safe part of Canada. At this time of year I can see a story and a beam of light – grab my camera and a doll, and the stories just flow…I think I am lucky for that too. Friends like you help me to keep positive, so thanks to you for the love and encouragement!

    • This is the time of year we love so much, the light is so beautiful and it makes the daily doings easy to accomplish – the rewards are so pretty, and so satisfying.

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