Wisteria stroll


 Vanilla and Henrietta were invited out to stroll under the beautiful Wisteria vine…




They found a perch in a fork of the trellis…




…and climbed about in the twisting vines…




…the scent was heavenly!




They loved the cascades of lovely flower waterfalls!




They sat in the shade and gazed at the afternoon clouds.




16 thoughts on “Wisteria stroll

  1. Oh how glorious. I love your comparison of the cascades being like waterfalls. You’re right about it being a heavenly stroll with such fragrance surrounding the participants.

    • We are always glad to visit this house, especially when the wisteria is in bloom – it is so pretty, and sends that sweet perfume out into the warm afternoon air. I try to bring a Hitty or two with me on these visits, they always try politely to speak “vine” to it but their accent might be off a bit, they are much better at “tree”.

    • The morning was surprisingly wet! It was so nice that it cleared up by the afternoon, the plants were all freshened up, and the beautiful flower waterfalls all polished and clean (and sweet and fragrant!)

    • Henrietta thinks everyone who has the word Hen in their name should have a chicken apron of some kind! I made this one some years ago, and many of the Hittys have had a turn wearing it, but Henrietta mat just get to keep it! Vanilla’s apron used to be a hand towel of some kind – that double row of tatting is very fetching, isn’t it!?

    • That is a particularly beautiful Wisteria vine, though I am more used to the purple ones. Henrietta and Vanilla don’t quibble about the colour, they just love the fragrance, form and silhouette!

    • Dear Nia, I am glad they bring back nice memories. I love to view the world through the eyes of these small wooden “persons”. Sometimes it is a great relief to escape the human world for a short time!

      • exactly, exactly! So why I love so much to be in your creative world. Thank you, Love and Hugs, nia

  2. lovely! How wonderful that the girls and their human get to visit this beautiful wisteria. Such lovely photos…and I must add that I love the girls pinnafores.

    • It is a day we look forward to every year, the visit to the Wisteria vine is a high point of the spring! The girls love their pinafores too, almost more than their dresses! I am glad you like the photos too, it was a little tricky for the human to squash herself up into the twisty trellis in order to get good angles (a few shots looking up their noses didn’t make the cut!) and framing (ditto images with their faces obscured by leaves) and the right amount of light!

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