A November Stroll


November can be glum, rainy, chilly and grey, but Floradora went up the hill to see what she could see…




…she found crispy leaves on the ground crackling as she kicked her way through them…




…and then she leaned on the fence among the brilliant red leaves…




…and gloried in the bright Cotoneaster berries!




A few raindrops sprinkled on the last of the Hydrangea blossoms…




…and look – Juniper berries!  Floradora picked a pocketful for Jane to cook with!




 Further up the hill, grey trees are beginning to look gnarly and bare…




…and up at the top Floradora found a twisted Garry Oak to sit on while she gazed at the misty horizon.




It looked like it was about to rain harder so she ran down the hill again…




 …and decided it was time to dig her socks and slippers out of the closet!


25 thoughts on “A November Stroll

  1. Oh! The colors are just so sumptuous in today’s narrative. I enjoy walking but don’t seem to do it as much as your sweet household does-thanks for ALL of the inspiration, pretties and view of life from Floradora’s perspective.

  2. Glum, what a wonderfully descriptive word and it expresses the what I have felt today, but you, dear Floradora, you have cheered me up considerably! Life as a human is not always wonderful, but you brought colour and light to me by taking me with you on your walk.
    Your slippers look so copy too. Perhaps a cup of tea and a slice of hot, buttery toast by the fire is in order for both of us?
    Thank you
    The Radnor Forest Big Person xxxxxxxxx

    • Dear Radnor Forest Big Person, November is just glum all on its own in this part of the world, without human complications…I wish you could pop over for a neighbourly chinwag. A slice of hot, buttery toast – maybe with a bit of jam or marmalade – would be just heavenly right now, washed down with that cup of tea…I’ll put the kettle on!

  3. thank you Floradora for taking us along on your walk. Luckily you seemed to fit it in between rain squalls. It is definitely sock and slipper – and kitty time. Love the view of the Garry oak.

    • It has been very squally here “down hill” and more bands of weather headed this way apparently. That is a perfect Hitty-or-bear-sitting tree, just at the base of the Gonzales observatory along the path on the East side…and sometimes misty horizons are as restorative as blazing sunlit views down the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Always nice to get back hope for a cup of tea and a friendly cat!

  4. What a mesmerizing walk with Floradora. Autumn is our favorite time of year. The colors are beautiful, even the weeds come out to show off their colors. Floradora looks so pretty in that dress. Hitty’s do love to dress nicely. Her pet cat looks so much like her human’s cat…really enjoyed this story.

    • Thanks very much. It was a beautiful walk – I am also very fond of Autumn, despite the storms and general darkening sogginess…and the Hittys are very fond of their black kitty-puss.

    • You were! Floradora wouldn’t exist without the skills I learned from you, not to mention the wood, the cajoling and the friendship! We’ll have tea together again for real some day!

  5. Thanks so much to Floradora for taking us with her on her lovely November stroll. Such beautiful colours and textures. I remember well the wonderful Gary Oak trees….

  6. First of all, the colours fascinated me, beautiful photographs, Thank you, Floradora what a beautiful name, Blessing and Happiness, Love, nia

  7. brr, I was worried about her little bare feet. What a lovely walk… and that dress with the rick rack trim was the perfect antidote to a cloudy day…she fit right in with the scarlet leaves and berries.

    • Floradora agreed with you about the bare feet, and was so glad that her slippers and socks were where she remembered putting them! Thanks – Floradora loves that dress and I love the way it loos with the scarlet leaves and berries too – and the way the grass bends through the leafy photo!

    • Fall is certainly here, and a series of storms is hitting the coast…there was even a huge waterspout which spawned a tornado warning! We are used to weather, but the Hittys seem to be staying indoors a lot more than usual this fall.

      • Down Under, it’s also storm season, but with added heat for truly disgusting humidity. Last night after the thunderstorm passed over, going outside was like stepping into a steamy bathroom…

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