More Rain


Tansy and her favourite photographer were busy going through their field gear, repairing and mending some equipment…




…and buying some new. Archaeological field work has been paused for the last two years, but now they were preparing to go out on the first project since the cancellations!!  Unfortunately…




…the project was postponed – again – because a third “atmospheric river” in a week is drenching the coast!




The Quimper Hitty neighbourhood has endured an almost 300% increase in “normal” rainfall amounts, and the roads are unsafe…They just have to wait until the weather improves – it looks like that might not be until January!

Ironically the postponed project was about working with First Nations on monitoring climate change effects on an important cultural site.



18 thoughts on “More Rain

  1. I can imagine how difficult and disappointing, postponing this trip is for favorite photographer and Tansy. The rain you have endured is shocking. Sending best wishes and prayers that your weather stabilizes soon and stays that way.

    • We have all been shocked at the volume of water in the last month – not unusual in some parts of the world, but our ground and rivers have not been used to coping with it! The weather might stabilise, or we might have to adapt!

  2. Beautiful photos! I hope the weather will start to improve very soon and that they will be able to take their long awaited trip safely..

    • We always get autumn storms, and November is usually the wettest month, followed by February…but this is unheard-of! The fieldwork is a cherished part of Tansy and Favourite Photographer’s lives…we hope it can resume too – when safe for everyone!

  3. Poor Tansy! Her face looks so hopeful and trusting. What a disappointment for her. I love her sweater. She definitely looks ready for adventure. So sad that even our sweet dolls have to endure what we humans have done to our planet. I hope she finds some joy during the holidays and then will be able to go out in January. Judith


    • We are always grateful for a little calm between storms. Sometimes we worry that our fresh water reservoir won’t fill up over the winter, but that certainly isn’t a concern this year! Wish we could share with the drought-stricken places of the world…

  4. Many things have been postponed indefinitely. I almost can’t remember the last time I gathered with my tribal Sisters and Brothers and danced. Recorded drums just aren’t the same as live. And dancing alone in the living room is a far cry from dancing out under the sun where you can feel the earth beneath your feet. I pray that you can return to your acheaology soonest.

    • We all are learning patience, or endurance, or new ways, or something…I completely agree that it is much harder without in person gatherings, but as with the atmospheric storms, we are having to adapt to keep ourselves safe.

  5. yes, be in safe dear Hitty Lady, climate changes being affected in everywhere. Beautiful projects you make always, and I love them all. Muses be with you always, Thank you, Love, nia

  6. so sorry to hear of yet another delay for Tansy and her photographer. I know they must be so disappointed. Looking on a favorable aspect at least they are marooned at home instead of an island or boat! Safe and dry. Give them both my condolences. (fun to see Tansy in sweater and jeans…so eager!)

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