Cowichan Style Sweater for Tansy


Tansy and her favourite photographer are going back to Haida Gwaii, and since bitterly cold weather is in the forecast, she requested a special sweater…




…which Rose was happy to make.  The Cowichan First Nation traditional territory is a little north of Victoria. The women are famous for making sweaters, knitted using bulky yarns, and natural coloured sheep’s wool!




Rose had a go, and although we were unable to find a pattern, and aren’t from the Cowichan First Nation, we think this little sweater is in the spirit of a genuine Cowichan sweater. There is a lot of darning-in of ends after the sweater is finished…




…and then a root through the button basket.




Rose is happy with the result…




…Tansy is too – she says it is extremely warm!

Click herefor information from the Canadian Encyclopedia about Cowichan Sweaters.



15 thoughts on “Cowichan Style Sweater for Tansy

  1. Oh my – that is such a wonderful, warm and woolly sweater, Tansy! I do hope your Favorite Photographer is also provided with chilly weather proofing garb. Take care of each other on your trip and send us all some photos again, please.

  2. WOW!! that is a very impressive sweater. Tansy should be able to weather about any extreme of cold. Love the buttons and the look of this cardigan. WIshing Tansy and her favorite photographer a successful expedition.

  3. I am certain that Tansy’s sweater defiantly has the Cowichan spirit knitted into every stitch. Rose should be very proud of that beautiful sweater. Wishing Tansy and favorite photographer a safe and wonderful trip…hopefully they will favor us with photos on their return.

    • Pretty cold, I expect, but warming up next week hopefully. They both have warm woolies, though I thought I heard Tansy express a desire for long underwear (which I am not sure I am up to making!).

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