Christmas Rose


This is Christmas Rose basking in the glow of the Christmas tree. Rose was carved and clothed by doll artist Judy Brown and came to live with us on Christmas Day 2011.

I was trying to think of a name that was Christmas-ish but not too obvious, and something pretty but not really lively.  I sometimes find a pretty name in the scientific classification of a plant or animal (like my dolls Eugenia, Carya and Min), but Hellebore didn’t work at all for obvious reasons. She’ll fit right in with the dolls that have ordinary plant name like Tansy, and Fern. I know she will have a good time here with us.



14 thoughts on “Rose

  1. That is a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous Hitty! Beautiful name. It suits her perfectly!
    You will have so much fun with her (Except I’m noticing a slight resemblence to Ida Belle…so keep an eye out until you know her well!!)

    • I agree about the resemblence to Ida Belle, (and Rosie is waving hello to her at this very moment)…the rest of us appreciate the warning and will keep an eye out for any minxish tendencies, in which case she will be sent out to the woodshed to have a chat with Þóra.

  2. I just read all the Quimper Hittys’ bios. What a wonderful group of stories! It’s going to be fun to follow your blog.

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