Quimper Hitty Quilts

The colours in this crazy quilt are not very sleep-inducing, but they love it anyway.

The Quimper Hittys collect quilts, which they like to pile onto the bed.


The cat thinks this quilt is perfect for sleeping on.

The pinweel quilt is made from scraps of Constance’s dresses.



The printed square from a Hitty Friend made a nice quick quilt.

A hot water bottle, a teddy bear, and a cosy quilt – who wouldn’t want to go to bed!



Reproduction fabrics from the 1930’s.

The head and foot boards of the Hittys’ bed are made out of cello bridges.


Min snuggles under a quilt made by a Hitty Friend.

Pretty soon they will have enough quilts to play “Princess and the Pea”.


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