A Green Dress

Carrot Soup

Rose finished her knitting…




…and Carrot Soup loves her new green dress.




It matches her eyes…



Elf Shoes

…and her shoes!




Thank you Rose!!!



12 thoughts on “A Green Dress

  1. Oh My! You did it again Quimper Human, Carrot Soup looks fantastic in her new dress…and those shoes!!! I’ve never seen such adorable shoes on any Hitty or wooden or cloth doll anywhere…they are beyond adorable and showcase that dress like non before…. a jaw dropper for sure. I’ll go as far as saying, that is the most adorable, fantastic, unique and fun outfit I have ever seen. EVER!!!

  2. Carrot Soup is very lucky in her human! Beautiful, cozy outfit, and wonderful shoes all wrapped in a sweet story. Such a delight all around!

  3. Dear Quimper human, my Hittys have wished to be adopted by you for years…this time, they are standing at the door, luggage in hand 😂😂😂 The whole outfit is outstanding! I particularly love the col Claudine on the dress!

  4. Top o the morning to Carrot Soup and dear talented Rose. What a lovely green dress and of course the shoes…oh those shoes!! you make me smile!

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