Nest Hunting

Min consults Þóra about how to find bird’s nests.  She is particularly interested in finding a sock-like nest of Psaltriparous minimus so she can get to know her namesake birds. Þóra says that with the lack of foliage on the trees, this is the perfect time of year to see nests.  Unfortunately, except for her woodshed haven for lost little birds,  winter nests are unoccupied. She advises Min to go climb some trees.


Abandoned Robin's nest.

This Robin’s nest is in a beautiful and safe location, surrounded by  berries and thorns of the hawthorn tree, with prickly blackberry canes winding through.




Luckily Min is not afraid of heights.

Min clambers up a coniferous tree to see the tiny nest of a hummingbird, woven out of grasses and lichen, and lined with thistledown!



This works, sort of.

Min is unsuccessful in her search for old sock-like nests, but finds an alternative to try.  She’ll keep looking around for a real nest, but with the leaf buds swelling, spring is around the corner.  Pretty soon the birds will have their privacy back!




2 thoughts on “Nest Hunting

  1. Here we are again.. Judy and the Brown’s house Hittys… enjoying a whole month of Quimper Hitty adventures… We have never found a tiny hummingbird nest, but the robins love to build right in the vines around our patio…. we don’t understand though… very sturdy nests, but not in very safe surroundings… We love hearing about all your adventures… and seeing what makes you happy …

    • Nice to see you, Judy! Rose actually came with us to the Nature Sanctuary, hoping to see some roses! She was not impressed by the giant thickets of fierce wild roses, and retired to my pocket…in any case I was pretty busy chasing Min around. My little wooden family does make me very happy!

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