Signs of Spring

Quimperhitty Spring Garden.

Despite the rain, Rose and Tansy are out in the garden looking for evidence that warmer weather and brighter days are coming.



Rose thinks about bringing them inside, but decides to leave them alone.  Their delicate beauty is somehow lovlier outside in the cold.



A Pretty Purple Periwinkle flower.

Being named after a noxious (though pretty) weed, Tansy goes in search of other  planta non grata – she finds an escaped periwinkle among the ivy and blackberries!



Mini mini daffodils.

Rose and Tansy are glad to be able to admire some little spring flowers inside where it is not raining.



8 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Hitty Rose – You look so beautiful in your pink cape and cap. Hitty Tansy loves exploring outside. The little drizzle must feel good and looks like spring time is just around the corner……I know we will be seeing many more beautiful pictures with the Quimper hittys.

    • Our winters are dark and wet, but we seldom have snow. The good thing about drizzle is the reduced volume – downpours, storms and monsoons are harder to contend with when you are only 6 1/4 inches tall. Spring is definitely coming, thank goodness – it was actually not pitch dark outside at 7 am today!

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