The Forsythia Saga

Mini Daffodils are very cheering.

We’ve just endured yet another winter storm, with days of blustery cold winds over 70 km/hour resulting in extended power cuts – all this plus the time change! As soon as the wind dies down Constance gets out in the drizzle – she is on a quest to find as many yellow flowers possible!  She wants to be reminded that sunnier days are just around the corner!

The Winter Jasmine is almost over.

A couple of little Wallflowers.

A Single Early-Flowering Calendula.

In a Forsythia Bower.

Surrounded by the yellowest Forsythia flowers imaginable, Constance’s mini saga comes to an end – and she is sure spring is almost here


14 thoughts on “The Forsythia Saga

  1. That is a great picture! Her expression is so cute. Love the raincoat and hat – was that from a swap from last year?
    Your daffodils are great. We had snow today.

  2. Love the daffodils and all the pretty yellow flowers. Tansy look sweet in the yellow raincoat. Hope the severe winter days are over in Canada, so that Tansy can look forward to nice summery days.

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