Feline solidarity


The Quimper Hitty household prefers that the urban wildlife stay outdoors….but a Masked Bandit recently attempted to gain entry via the cat door.  The felines, who normally have no truck with one another, stood side by side in this instance, but were not sufficiently threatening….



…so they called in reinforcements…Opal and Agathe tapped into their fiercest feline instincts, and added their meows and hisses to the Quimper Hitty cat cacophony.



…and persuaded the raccoon that a life of crime was not worth the aggravation.  All very pleased with themselves for their repellent behaviour, the felines rejoiced!

(this story is based on true events in the Quimper Hitty human household!)



16 thoughts on “Bandit!

  1. I am glad that it was a raccoon, and not a skunk, which was the adventure our neighbours suffered. An upset skunk. It takes a long time for the house (and occupants) to recover from an unhappy skunk!

  2. The Country HIttys all stand in admiration of the pluck and bravery exhibited by your girls! They are also happy that the wildlife here on the farm seems to be content with remaining near the barn (where they can consume any left over cat food!). Also interesting and delightful that you have no skunks there. Any one with a curious dog can testify to the sad results of a nosy canine. Love the photos…that Raccoon is very impressive.

    • We were glad the felines overcame their dislike of eachother enough to repel the raccoon! We are glad there are no skunks here (or porcupines, possums, coyotes or other pestiferous mammals). Raccoons are enough of a problem.

  3. Those brave little Hittys! Doubtless they gained the ‘dutch courage’ from being in costume, and what very charming little hoodies they have!! Delightful inventiveness, I’m sure those cat hoodies could become very popular on Hittysknittys!

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