That Scottish Opera

Constance wishes she had a spurtle.

Constance was out of town for the MET’s presentation of  Verdi’s Macbeth, but she didn’t mind too much.  She is very much looking forward to seeing it live in the upcoming season of Pacific Opera Victoria.  Meanwhile, she made porridge in her cauldron, muttering imprecations.

Our Scottish friends consider this a crime.

We have discovered that lovely Hitty sized rugs can be woven using ripped up tartan fabric as the warp…. No actual kilts were murdered, we only use scraps from a Kilt Factory!



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10 thoughts on “That Scottish Opera

  1. Having some Scottish ancestry I agree that cutting up kilts should be a criminal offense. I am glad to see that the Quimper Hittys seek out fabric that has not yet been sanctified in the form of man-skirt. Sensible small wooden folk.

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