Quimperhitty Asado

No es comida vegetariana.

The cold season seems to be dragging on forever this year.  The Argentine girls decide to cheer up their Northern sisters by having an asado!

Haciendo Mate

Eugenia prepares the Yerba Mate, pouring boiling water into a gourd which already has the herbs, sugar and bombilla in it, she will take a sip and pass it along…



¿cual es tu favorita?

There is enough for everyone to have their favourite – sausages, steak, ribs, empanadas, and a whole goat.



Tansy tries out the zampona.

A little atmospheric music – Constance wishes she had brought her guitar!



Amigas de palosanto.

 Perdita hopes to make friends with the quirquincho.  All the Argentine girls stay up too late!


11 thoughts on “Quimperhitty Asado

    • Well, some people eat armadillos, maybe that is why Perdita is having to be very persuasive…most of the Hittys would rather stick to domesticated meat, though some of them say they are vegetarian.

  1. No matter how long or short the winter is, the Quimper Hittys find ways and means to enjoy themselves. My hittys wish they could join in the fun !! Where is Rose?

    • I hope your Hittys are having fun too! Rose and the clones were in a vegetarian frame of mind (which is incomprehensible to the Argentinians). Instead, they watched a Movie – “North and South” based on a book by Elizabeth Gaskell. Min was at the asado, but hopping about so fast she didn’t get in any of the pictures.

  2. Fabuloso trabajo ,espero pronto en Buenos aires con una asado de Bienvenida !!
    Tener en cuenta que mientras se hace asado es dificil que se tome mate es como que mezclas momentos
    pero maravillosos trabajo
    best regards

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