Spring Wildflowers 2

Perdita Erythronium oregonum

The lovely green and white Fawn Lilies fill Perdita with joy.

The Quimper Hittys have gone off on an adventure.  Until the beginning of May the posts will show pictures taken on April 20 during a walk through the Oak Bay Wildflower Garden, and nearby Garry Oak meadows. We will be answering any comments when we get back. See you then!




4 thoughts on “Spring Wildflowers 2

  1. Perdita blends in to these surroundings very well, almost too well. I am glad she did not get lost. I hope she is having a wonderful time on her big adventure.

  2. Looks like Perdita is having a wonderful time. What beautiful lilies. Hope to see a lot of her and her sister hittys as we enter the summer months.

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