Iceland Saga IV

Utivist Bus

Constance and Min accompanied their human on a four day long trek in the interior of Iceland with the Útivist outdoor association.

Getting dropped off at the bottom of Sveinstindur

This bus conveyed us a couple hundred kilometers east from Reykjavik, then turned north and followed winding  paved and unpaved roads that turned into gravel tracks, and finally just lines on the ground.  The bus stopped at the bottom of a mountain in a treeless cinder and ash valley.



Start of the Trek

Constance was very enthusiastic to begin  her hike up the scree slopes of Sveinstindur mountain…



Part way up Sveinstindur

The bus far below!



Rest stop part way up the mountain

Constance took a break to admire the view, and catch her breath. That is Vatnajökull glacier behind her on the left side of the picture.



Going up the mountain

The cairn at the top of the mountain was just a few steps away – the view was breathtaking!



Utivist Hut

We spent the first night in this converted shepherd’s hut on the banks of the Skafta River.  The big swath of mud is the extent of the floodwater after this year’s glacial melt. Útivist transported the heaviest bags between stops, trekkers only had to carry daypacks – how civilised!

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