Faro Yarn for Rose

Red Yarn

Rose has been knitting and knitting! We’ve made several pairs of Warm red socks for chilly Hitty toes, and even tried out a raglan-sleeve cardigan (Rose was wearing it when she caught Ginny falling out of the Amaryllis yesterday).




It’s Still There!

We bought the yarn at an antique store called Everything Old in Brentwood Bay near Victoria…we wanted to try out the yarn, because we thought that the single ply fingering weight yarn would work well for Hitty-sized knitting. We hoped it would knit up nicely at that scale, and not snag and split in the needles while knitting.




It worked so well that we’ve been trying to get back to the store before the rest of the colours were sold! Yesterday we bought every skein they had!




One of the skeins still had a paper band, which told us that the yarn is from Goteborg Sweden. Looking it up on the internet, we see that it is still produced (and that we got an excellent deal on the price!). According to a website that sells new yarns, FARO is a single ply wool used for decorative weaves like tapestry, wall hangings, pillow tops, upholstery. It comes in 74 colors. It is perfect for wall hangings in krokbragd and boundweave. It is also perfect for the pattern weft in pattern weaves like overshot and monksbelt.



Rose thinks that they should add that it is also perfect for knitting Hitty sweaters and socks!






14 thoughts on “Faro Yarn for Rose

  1. This looks like Christmas all over! What a beautiful palette…so many treasures to become! Wish Rose and the human great knitting times…and shared pictures too 😍

    • Thinking about all the beautiful colours was what lured us back to the store! I was especially happy to find one skein with the paper band still attached, and you can rest assured that we will have a wonderful time knitting, and will share pictures!

  2. what a wonderful find, beautiful colours. They will keep Rose knitting for years. Love the string of red socks, it would be perfect to hang across the mantle on Christmas Eve. In the first picture, to the left of the wool, are those tapestry bobbins?? I might have to make a trip to Brentwood.

    • The wooden bobbins are enormous, and for industrial looms. We eyed them just for their architectural beauty, but resisted in the end. Rose and I are reveling in the lovely yarn, and the rest of the Hittys are excited about it too!

  3. Goodness gracious. Such a find!! And..what wonderful colors….I suspect that the inhabitants of the Quimper cupboard will be keeping you and Rose busy for the remainder of the winter!!!

  4. The red sweater that you made for Rose looks so sweet on her. I think Red is her color. Finding all those Swedish yarns was finding buried treasure for sure. I felt the delight along with you.

    • We were happy with the red – still my favourite I think! The rest of the Quimper Hittys seem to have their favourites, so I think the yarn will keep us (and them) happy for quite a while!

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