Tartan Nightmares

Get Me OUT, OUT of this Damn Tartan

The Scottish Opera, by Giuseppe Verdi  is the  first offering of the season by Pacific Opera Victoria.  Constance was thrilled to attend the Matinée performance. Despite not being a cheerful story, it was beautifully sung. The human chaperone (recovering from a kitchen accident) became queasy  at all the hacking and chopping that occurred.  The set design meant Constance couldn’t stop thinking about plaid. Her worst nightmare would be Hittys in plaid pants.

To view Constance’s other opera reviews go to this link or to see her previous reflections on Macbeth in particular, go here.



6 thoughts on “Tartan Nightmares

  1. Yikes! Kitchen accidents, hacking, chopping, plaid trousers and damned tartan all in one short post! Constance must have been more deeply affected by the That Opera than she is letting on. Or, did she make a visit to the golf course on the way home?

  2. I think Constance was affected by the Opera not being cheerful. She is a sensitive little girl and likes happy endings. I don’t blame her for not liking the tartans. Those can be pretty uncomfortable. She may need some time to get over this ‘queasy’ experience!!

    • Macbeth is rather unrelentingly gloomy. The handsome guys were nice to look at though – booted and kilted as they were. Constance appreciated the facial tattoos of the three witches! There was lots to think about besides the story…The sets were very evocative, and pretty amazing considering POV is such a small company…their next Opera (February 2013) is “Albert Herring” by Benjamin Britten, which promises to be a very silly antidote.

  3. All this talk of losing limbs has me a bit queasy. Thank goodness we have a great shot and story here to help take my mind off all that! We really hope that all the injured parties are well underway with the healing and we wish you all the very best!!

    • Well, nobody actually lost a limb, though it was a very bloody Opera…everyone sprang back to life for the curtain call. The human chaperone is sporting a very small band-aid now, things are looking up!

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