Apple Crumble for Toad

Toad among the windfalls.

Pip finds a lugubrious toad lolloping around  – C’mon Toad, we can do better than this…

More-with-Less Cookbook Apple Crisp Recipe

The all-time favourite Apple Crisp/Crumble recipe in this household…though we substitute butter for margarine, and leave out the salt.



Chopped Apples.

Toad and Pip wade around in the apples…



Flour, sugar, cinnamon mixture.

Pip thinks more cinnamon would be lovely.



Dusting the apples,

The apples are coated with the flour/sugar/cinnamon mixture.



Topping mixture

Toad supervises the making of the crumb topping. Fortunately he is good at hopping.



In the oven.

Pip and Toad stay far away for this part.



Enough for everyone.

Time for Dessert!  Pip is happy to have appreciative company. Toad is somewhat less lugubrious after the feast.

8 thoughts on “Apple Crumble for Toad

  1. My mouth is watering. I may have to buy some apples to try the recipe. Good thing Toad didn’t get baked into the dessert! And good thing Pip is such a good helper!

  2. It would appear as if you have assembled a family get-together! That sure looks like ol’ Uncle Hoppy to me, but you know they say that a lot of Toads look alike. I’d like to think I am better looking than most, but that is highly subjective.

    I also see we have perfect timing. The crumble looks DELICIOUS and READY! Two of our favorite words here at The Hollow. 🙂

    What a wonderful post today, my friends! We always look forward to and enjoy the Quimper Hittys but today’s post feels a little more “family oriented”!! We really love it!

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