Min Studies Arthropods

Beautiful Araneus diadematus in its web.

A lot of spiders are hanging about these days!  Min tries to avoid straying into the pathways where orb spiders build their sticky webs.

Funnel Spider.

Min finds an interesting funnel spider in the back patio. It didn’t want to come out of its hiding spot to be identified.



Min researches spiders.

A book on spiders is somewhat helpful. Min discovers that spiders are arthropods, which are animals with a segmented body, jointed legs, and an exoskeleton.  


Argentinian Spider discussion.

Gracia wants Min to beware of the communal spiders she saw in Córdoba in Argentina.  These live in groups of several hundred, with each web as big across as a hula hoop! Gracia also remembers a fossil in the Geological Museum at the University of Córdoba which was originally identified as a megarachne. It would have been the biggest spider ever found but it was subsequently re-classified as a different arthropod – a sea scorpion!

Min wonders what kind of spiders and fossil arthropods are found in British Columbia….she is pretty sure she can find out the answer in the Museum…



Arthropods from over 500 million Years ago.

Fossil spiders have been found in BC, but there are no fossil spiders in this Museum’s collection.  On the other hand there is a large collection of other arthropods. Min finds some trilobites  which are arthropods (but are NOT spiders).



Some spiders in the Museum.

There are over 700 kinds of spiders in British Columbia…some are indigenous, some introduced and naturalized and some exotic.  Min finds some specimens of all kinds and sizes in the Entomology Department at the Museum.



Tegenaria duellica.

Min finds a nice little Tegenaria duellica back at home, and wishes it, and you a Happy Hallowe’en .

12 thoughts on “Min Studies Arthropods

  1. I love how the Quimper Hittys get interested in something and then go off to find out more. Such good researchers, and better yet, they then teach us. Happy Halloween QHs!

  2. Aaaaack! Min is a terrific scientist–I’m not. A spider violated MY space this morning and he had to go!! Thanks for the education!!

  3. Spiders – Brave Min – She is a scientist no doubt. Thanks for the knowledge on this little creatures. Spider webs are always fascinating. Every creature is created for a reason and all are unique in their own way.

  4. EEEP! I hate to be obvious here, but a couple of these creepy lil’ crawlies are actually bigger’n your average Toad! Like, um, me! Pardon me while I scurry out of here with barely a second to spare!… 🙂

    Fabulous post! I swear that spider in the first photo just asked me for the keys to my car!…

    • Toad, I think might be more likely that it was Min asking for the keys. She would love to take your red Chariot for a spin around the block. Actually, probably a fast run up and over King George Terrace, going flat out through all those lovely curves and hills.

  5. Dear Toad…The Quimper Hittys have heard that you have been known to drift into a sort of trance – happy smile on your face, eyes fixed upon the dusty wake of a motor-car, murmuring ‘Poop-poop”? Maybe you SHOULD give your keys to the spider!

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