Pink Spring Flowers

Early Pink Violets.

The clones don’t get out much, but a couple of days ago we enjoyed a balmy Sunday afternoon…Carya and Fern didn’t even need their wraps when they went exploring for spring flowers.

Pale Mauve Crocus.

This is not the kind of crocus that saffron comes from.



A Lovely Cyclamen

Fern wandered off after lunch, and found a patch of cyclamen in the rock garden. Luckily the girls had their day of balmy weather – today we have 61 km/hour winds and it is only 2 degrees outside, not a good day for flower-hunting!



12 thoughts on “Pink Spring Flowers

  1. Those small people are so good at finding spring flowers when it’s still winter! I’m so glad to see them on scale among a forest of flowers … lucky weather too!

  2. more colorful adventures for the Hittys of Quimper Street…so lovely, so encouraging that spring is arriving in some places….does cyclamen grow well there outside?

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