The Undead in Monsalvat

Parsifal Set Change

Parsifal Set Change

Clearly the  21st century obsession with zombies and other members of the undead fraternity is not a recent phenomenon.  Rather, it is a fascination that has persisted for centuries, if not millennia.  Constance attended the Live in HD performance by the Metropolitan Opera at the Star Cinema in Sidney again today.  Today’s presentation was Wagner’s six hour long Parsifal. This is an opera rife with things that will not die, and if volume of blood on screen (approximately 5,000 liters) is any indication, this is the new pinnacle of splatter movies. 

We won’t attempt to explain the plot, described by the New York Times reviewer as “among the most metaphysical, ambiguous and profound, if inexplicable operas ever written”.  The unambiguous cups of tea and pizza during the intermissions were a very welcome break from all the unremitting gloom.


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9 thoughts on “The Undead in Monsalvat

  1. Oh dear what mayhem!!! Poor little Constance, Hetty Hickory read this post and now is insisting upon a subscription to some sort of Opera outlet. She feels that this may be her kind of culture!

    • With a high speed connection, perhaps going to the MET Opera website will give Hetty a glimpse…
      You can watch and listen to video clips, even one of Parsifal tempted by Kundry as she and the flower maidens wade around in blood!

  2. Zombies and a large volume of blood – Constance is so brave to sit through this Opera in spite of all the gloom.

    • Thanks! We like the contrast between the homey little movie house that sends out for pizza in the intermission, and the “High Art” of the earnestly performed professional Opera.

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