Parlour Organ

Lots of stops on this Instrument

Lots of stops on this Instrument

The Quimper Hitty household seems to mimic the human household at times, especially in the acquisition of numerous large keyboard instruments.  Rose admires the little wooden Parlour Organ, and digs out “The Children’s Home Music” book.  

As she prepares to play doleful tunes, Rose peers into the rear view mirror and notices that the rest of the Hittys have fled the Parlour.


13 thoughts on “Parlour Organ

  1. I don’t think they have fled – I suspect they are just off making popcorn and will be back soon. Min will be at least, when Rose lights into some Ray Charles.

  2. oh how funny!! This so reminds me of my own organ playing sister!! Luckily hers was one of those large electric brother and I pooled our money and bought her some head phones for it……oh the peace and quiet!
    Is this a possibilibty for the Quimper girls?

  3. Such a wonderful scene! Where did you find the piano/organ and the old book? So enjoyable to peek in on your Hittys, they have wonderful lives!

    • I am glad you are enjoying the Quimper Hittys! The little organ was for sale at a consignment store called “Super Chance”. I made the Hitty-sized song book by photocopying and reducing a human-sized song book I found at a garage sale.

      • What a great idea to photocopy an old song book and reduce it for Hittys! I love it!

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