Not impressed.

Not impressed.

The Quimper Hitty felines ignore my attempt at a “Puss-in-the-Corner” quilt, made entirely out of former yoyos (except the backing and border)…I admit the pattern is not as clear as I wanted it to be – perhaps I will make another one with plain blocks in between.



 To see other mini quilts made with the old Yoyo quilt fabrics, Click here.



5 thoughts on “Puss-in-the-Corner

  1. I can see the pattern…but perhaps a thin bit of sashing between “blocks” would highlight your pattern or as you have suggested, plain blocks.

    Have fun!

  2. Oh my, it must be in blood – or is that the sap? My two Hitty type girls are planning a quilt shop, once they’ve found a home with space to do so. I have a feeling I might be an out-worker, with responsibility for making the quilts.
    I love you puss-in-the-corner quilt and the pattern is obvious. I find that the plain blocks all being one colour helps to highlight them but I think I like yours better, it has a soft, warm feel, like the one my grandmother made for me when I was little.

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