Violet and Purple



Patience came violet hunting with me in Beacon Hill Park on the way home, and even wore her pretty violet dress underneath her raincoat.  The first bunch of purple flowers we found were some little azaleas…



The next purple flowers were the fields of Camas – very beautiful, and blooming early this year.

Rainy Violets

Rainy Violets

At last we found what we were looking for…

Violet Sniff

Violet Sniff

We love the smell.

Violet delight

Violet delight

Violets at last…

Mary Ann's Joy

Mary Ann’s Joy

Patience picked a few for Mary Ann.

11 thoughts on “Violet and Purple

    • Patience remembered Mary-Ann’s love of violet flowers. Sometimes it takes very little to to show someone you are thinking about them! I am glad you are enjoying the Quimper Hittys.

  1. The flowers here are lovely this spring. And obviously gorgeous in your part of the world. Wonderful photos!! I am always so impressed with the photography of the Quimper Hittys. They certainly have skilled and willing humans!!
    Patience looks so pretty in her rain gear and that wonderful dress!

  2. The color combination of the blues and violets are just perfect. Those violets are beautiful , so are the dresses worn by the girls

  3. Patience’s thoughtfulness to Mary Ann with the gift of the violets was touching. Beautiful colors/flowers/raincoat/dress.

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