Crazy Quilt

Crazy Quilt

Crazy Quilt

My project of making Hitty quilts out of an old yoyo quilt required cutting the circular yoyos into squares and strips. This resulted in a lot of odd sizes and shapes. These were too nice to throw away, so I made one more small Quilt…All these scraps are recycled yoyos, except for the backing-and-border, which is a piece of 1920’s fabric from my grandmother’s scrap bag.



To see other mini quilts made with the old Yoyo quilt fabrics, Click here.



12 thoughts on “Crazy Quilt

  1. So sweet! This was the most common type of quilt in the UK at one time and I love seeing them in museums. I can just imagine children looking at them on their beds and seeing Mamma’s dress and Papa’s shirt scraps in there.
    Which lucky Hitty will have this quilt?

    • I did enjoy this one, as always, being the most recently made quilt, it is my current favourite! This particular quilt is destined to go on a journey south to attempt to improve the temper of a cranky person.

  2. I really like crazy quilts. Nice to make use of the scraps from a recycling project – brings extra meaning to the “cycling” part of that term.

  3. How fun! I’m with the Quimper Hittys on using all those little scraps. I think crazy quilts/liberated quilts are the most fun quilts to put together. Enjoy the fruits of your labors, Q Hittys.

    • The Hittys have suddenly taken to spending long hours in bed! I’ll have to start finding them some exciting outdoor activities to participate in so their cosy beds are not so alluring.

    • Thanks very much, this has been a nice little project to keep me out of the glooms of our dark wet winter and spring! I like my Hitty Quilts MUCH better than the yoyo quilt!

  4. I have some old quilts made by family members, but no one (human) is very interested in keeping them. Maybe I should choose one and start making Hitty quilts with some of the pieces. Hmmm.

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