January Snow

Christmas Sled

Christmas Sled

Tansy has heard of a snow sighting, and is prepared to test drive the new Christmas Sled…

Unexpected Snow Drift

Unexpected Snow Drift



Not Going Anywhere

Not Going Anywhere

We were forgetting this is Victoria….

 Read about how Tansy decided to go find some real snow by clicking here.




16 thoughts on “January Snow

  1. send Tansy to Mo. We are expecting snow tonight! Snowdrops..green things….just a treasured memory at this point. Love Tansy’s coat and hat! Maybe you can make her some fake snow to play in.

  2. We have been getting snow here too today…but nothing like the lovely snow drops that you are having! Enjoy the beauty in Victoria.

  3. Hope Tansy gets some snow for her sledge. She is all dressed to play in the snow……Be patient Tansy….it is still only January.

    • We don’t often get any snow at all, and when we do, it is just a smattering usually. Tansy wasn’t around in 1996 when we got 90 some cm of snow in just a few hours, the city was immobilised for days….

  4. Oh dear poor Tansy, she was so well wrapped up for the snow drift and what did she find but beautiful snowdrops instead…although she seems to have missed the beauty of them in her disappointment of no snow. We have a couple of new sleds that Miles and Brittany are hoping to try out….although secretly I am hoping that we only get the snow drop kind of ‘snow’ as well.

  5. January brings the Snow, Makes the Feet and Fingers Glow! Although, I don’t think Tansy’s fingers will glow with all those wonderful clothes. Using the sled might, however! I gather she will have to go to Scotland to find snow just now – they have had sleet in Lancashire but no advance on that, methinks. I have seen snowdrops and winter jasmine, and my roses and periwinkle haven’t stopped blooming from last year, All very floriferous after two freezing cold snow bound winters past!

    • Hooray for flowers! Our neighbour has winter jasmine – we have snowdrops and Hellebore right now. Tansy is planning to go to Winnipeg, which has a lot of cold and snow, but I am trying to find time to sew her some flannel pantalettes before she goes!

      • Hooray indeed for flowers! Flannel as in wool flannel or brushed cotton type flannel? I have the latter but not the former, but think that c19th flannel is the wool cloth. Which in UK and doll scale terms is nun’s veiling. I do have some … I might be willing to part with a doll’s pantalettes sized piece of nun’s veiling!

  6. Flannel in Canada means brushed cotton…but it is also called flannelette just to be confusing! I am tickled that you would consider parting with a doll’s pantalette sized piece of nun’s veiling, and would accept with alacrity if I hadn’t just completed a complete set of red flannelette skivvys for Tansy – more to follow about that in a day or two…

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