Released into the wild

Can I borrow this dress?

Can I borrow this dress?

The bear explains that he felt  vulnerable as a Bruin in Montreal, which is why he was disguised as a Canadien.  When his red jersey went missing he felt very exposed, and was merely trying to hide, or find an alternative outfit.



Constance and Rose are  sympathetic, but concerned about the habituation of wildlife in urban areas. They take the bear on a walk to the nearest forest, leave him with a small supply of honey, and bid him a fond farewell..


6 thoughts on “Released into the wild

  1. I’m far from a sports fan, but…this is a most quaint episode in the lives of the Quimper dolls. Thanks for sharing the fun!

  2. It is very responsible of the Hittys help this bear after relieving him of the red jersey. It is good that he is back to the wild wear he blends in much better.

  3. this was a very charming episode. So thoughtful of the girls to return the wee bear to his natural habitat. Besides I do think Constance looks better in that red jersey then a bear!

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