Mont Tricot

Knitting Heaven

Knitting Heaven

A stroll through the town of Sutton brought the girls to “Mont Tricot” and a heavenly fibre experience.  Click here for the website of Mont Tricot.

Silk and Mohair

Clouds of Silk and Mohair

Constance and Rose sink into the clouds of colour and softness of these skeins. This yarn is called “Silk Halo” – and no wonder!



Pink Silk Halo

Pink Silk Halo

Rose liked the pink.  Our generous host bought a skein and had it wound into two small balls so the humans could each make a Hitty sweater!



12 thoughts on “Mont Tricot

  1. That looks like a natural habitat for a Hitty. I remember your post from the Knotty by Nature store in Victoria – good things seem to come from places like this.

    • We have all the ingredients for good things, Rose is scheming, and wondering if she is going to be able to knit up a lonely tree shawl (having never done any lace work)!

  2. Such lovely photos…such a lovely shoppe….such lovely HIttys!! Can’t wait to see what Rose comes up with.
    Constance also looks quite comfy amid all that softness and color.

    • It is lovely yarn indeed, and visits to fibre shops are among our favourite pastimes! Constance and Rose were very pleased with the colour, the fuzziness and warmth of the shawls, and the memories they evoke of our trip to Quebec!

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