A Happy Girl

A Happy Girl

This is Hitty Agathe, who I carved from a turned blank at a carving Retreat in Oregon hosted by tc Vollum. She was all but finished  on July 13th, 2014.  The name Agathe is derived from the scientific name of her wood,  Swamp Kauri, Agathis australensis.  On her very first full day of existence I took her to the beach at Hug Point, and then drove and sailed for 11 hours to get home to the Hitty cupboard where the rest of the Quimper Hittys gave her a rousing welcome!  While most Hittys wear coral necklaces in honour of their ancestor Hitty, Agathe is holding out for agate beads.



Swamp Kauri wood is an astonishing 40 to 50 thousand years old!!! click here to learn about this incredible wood.




18 thoughts on “Agathe

  1. You’re a marvel with your creative skills, Kjerstin. Agathe is a very cute new addition to the (curiosity filled) Quimper Hitty Cupboard.

  2. Agathe is a real departure from you other dolls. She sure is cute! I expect all the QHs must be thrilled to have a new sister.

    I wonder if her ancient wood gives her wisdom beyond her years (or more correctly days). She has a glint in her eye that suggests any such load is not going to weigh her down and prevent her from having fun.

  3. Agathe is beautiful! After watching you carve her out of the ancient, very hard wood, I can really appreciate her beauty. I enjoyed reading about the source of her wood. I have a kauri Hitty carved by Bruce and Fung, so I’m proud to think that my Hitty Kiwi is a distant cousin to Agathe!

      • Octavia has lost her pegs. I removed them when I applied her overcoat of varnish and laid them “someplace” where they are not in sight. I have other wood, but it seems to be too big in diameter. I must be careful sanding it down so it is just the right diameter! She is sending me messages to HURRY UP and get her put together!!

  4. Agathe has such a pleasing expression. I do love her fact I am quite taken with everything about her. What a wonderful experience to carve with the tutelage of a giving teacher. You have certainly taken your carving to the “next level”!! I look forward to her future adventures and experiences.

    • I love her smile too – she is very cheerful to have around,,,I am so lucky to have teachers to help me learn some of the ways of encouraging the wood to become a Hitty.

  5. Just beautiful! I wish I could carve features, especially the nose, as well as you!!! I have Kauri wood, too, but am saving it until after our move. Good for you on your beautiful carvings!!

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