Reading by Lamplight

A Coleman Lantern

A Coleman Lantern

Agathe has given up her vigil for the night – it’s too dark to see the mailbox.



A dark and stormy night

A dark and stormy night

But the little Coleman Lantern makes it pleasant inside the tent, despite the rain and wind outside.


Agathe reads Agatha

Agathe reads Agatha

Agathe is re-reading her stack of Agatha Christies.

8 thoughts on “Reading by Lamplight

  1. The mailperson is unlikely to show your guest the way to your house at night, Agathe, so you might aswell relax with your favourite books.
    Do you prefer Hercule Poirot or Miss Jane Marple? We have been watching some re-runs of Poirot on the talking box that our person has. He is very clever but we like Miss Marple best as she can knit at the same time as solving crimes and she never boasts about her little grey cells, of which she has as many as M. Poirot!
    Happy reading,
    Roberta and Mary xx

  2. We just read a compilation of Agatha’s letters and diaries from her trip around the world. She left her two-year-old daughter with her mother and sailed off to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Hawaii. She was very adventurous!

  3. seeing Agathe in her tent reading reminds me of all of our camping trips and all the books we read at night in
    our tent. Thanks for a lovely reminder of some very fun times!!

  4. I can see that Agathe is enjoying reading the adventures of Miss Marple. Camping days will be fewer now as the fall and winter sets in……..The Quimper girls enjoy themselves indoors or outdoors !!!

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