Agathe’s Guest



 Agathe’s patience and constancy has paid off – her visitor has arrived at last!



The poor girl was a bit disoriented at first, after ten days in a sack, wrapped in bubbles and tossed hither and yon by postal workers…

At Last

At Last

But she and Agathe were overjoyed to meet one another again in their new guises…

Block Sisters!

Block Sisters!

Having spent millennia with their saps united by xylems and phloems they are true sisters of the wood, and have many ancient memories to share!


Agathe’s guest is Opal, carved by TC Vollum. The two girls were made out of the same block of 50,000-year-0ld Swamp Kauri wood!  The Quimper Hittys and their human are more than delighted to have her visiting the Hitty cupboard, and are looking forward to whatever adventures may befall them!

10 thoughts on “Agathe’s Guest

  1. We are relieved that your cousin arrived safely and delighted to see photos that allow us to share in your reunion. So much family history to share. You have a family tree of great pedigree – you must be Hitty royalty!
    Enjoy your time together.
    Roberta N-Q-H xxx

    • You have described their relationship exactly – they do have a family tree of great pedigree! They are so happy to be in one another’s presence as dolls – one of them might have ended up as furniture, or guitar tops and it would have been much more difficult to carry on a conversation!

  2. Super news that Opal has arrived safely, what a worry it must have been for poor Agathe waiting for her arrival. To think they have their origins in the country of my heart as well is very special. Hitty Moana sends her greetings to her sisters of THE wood.

  3. Oh my goodness what a wonderful pair they are. Just getting to look at them in your great photos is going
    to be an ongoing treat!! So happy that Agathe’s patience has been so richly rewarded.

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