A Piffle of Snow

Forest walk

Forest walk

Tansy spent last Winter in Winnipeg, so this is just a little piffle of snow for her!  The two of us had a very enjoyable walk today, and despite the chilly wind (lowering the temperature to – 7) it was quite lovely in the sun.

Iris Berries

Iris Berries

We found some rather beautiful Iris berries!




Snowberries in wintertime Victoria…sometimes that is all the snow we see, at least until the snowdrops bloom!

Empty Nest

Empty Nest

We found an empty nest that had been blown out of a tree…

Not quite empty

Not quite empty

…only it wasn’t as empty as we thought it was.

Warm Pocket

Warm Pocket

Tansy gave the poor chilly ladybug a warm pocket-ride back to the Hitty Cupboard.


12 thoughts on “A Piffle of Snow

  1. Tansy always find fun things when she goes for a walk! We had 2″ of snow yesterday, and today’s temperature of 10 degrees below freezing means the snow will be around for a while!

  2. I remember Tansy’s winter adventures last year, I do so love her coat! And those iris berries??!! I have never heard of such a thing. They are lovely.

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