Stringing a Half-Pint Hitty

A Box of doll Bits

A Box of doll Bits

The on-line doll group “Hittygirls” recently had the opportunity to purchase tiny resin doll parts which were cast from an original tiny wooden doll carved by Sara Cole.


Side view of joints

The finished doll is only 7 cm tall

Various methods are being used to assemble the dolls – both by stringing with elastic and inserting wooden peg joints. I thought I’d show how I put them together. I used stretchy beading cord, and leather washers to prevent the cord slipping into the joint hole. Click on any  image to look at the gallery, and navigate by clicking the arrows at the side of the picture.


8 thoughts on “Stringing a Half-Pint Hitty

  1. oh my now you make me wish I had ordered more then one!! They look so cute cavorting in that box. Okay I am now inspired to get my little girl finished. Thanks!

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