Quimper Hitty Christmas Morning

Large Christmas Tree

Large Christmas Tree

On this delightful morning Agathe and Opal are admiring the Trees, both the Large one…

Christmas Tree small-002and the Hitty-sized one!


The Quimper Hittys, and their human would like to wish their friends and dolls Buorrit Juovllat, Gledileg Jol, С Рождеством, Noeliniz Kutlu Olsun, Glædelig Jul, メリークリスマス, God Jul, 圣诞节快乐, Feliz Navidad, مع أطيب الأمنيات بحلول العام الجديد, Gajan Kristnaskon, Joyeux Noël and Happy Christmas!


10 thoughts on “Quimper Hitty Christmas Morning

  1. Raisin is squealing with delight that you have a ship-in-bottle ornament on your tree. We have one on our big tree, too! SOME people say it’s their favorite ornament but Raisin has a hard time deciding.

    • It is a favourite ornament around here too, Agathe and Opal specially chose that whorl-branch/trunk intersection, so that the ship-in-bottle would be in the picture too! (Opal sends a special wave at Raisin…and hopes you are all having a delightful day!)

  2. the Quimper HIttys and their human are a gift that gives all year long! Thank you for all the smiles and delights.
    The very Happiest of Holidays to all.

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