More January Gardening

Green and pink

Green and pink

Opal and Agathe think that if January donated a couple of days to February, the winter would seem shorter.  They are anticipating Spring by bringing a little bit of the garden indoors,


Oh lovely Plum Blossom

Oh lovely lovely Blossom

Isn’t this plum Blossom a perfectly beautiful thing!




8 thoughts on “More January Gardening

    • Opal and Agathe think of themselves as highly enthusiastic persuaders. I think they can’t possibly be stern since their arms don’t bend at the elbows and their gleeful little faces would belie any stern words.

  1. what lovely photos and what a witty comment by TC….forcing bulbs…she is right it does sound rather stern. On the other hands your girls are so happy.. Love the plum blossoms.

  2. Delightful! My HIttys are very excited that we have the exact same bulb bowls as yours How lovely to bring the blossom in – I must check in the Library garden which has an early flowering Viburnam often out now. We have snowdrops all up the Roman city walls bank. We’re glad you are not buried under layers of snow in Victoria!

    • We are glad about the lack of snow too, as we have no snow-removal equipment. How exciting that you have the same bulb bowl! Are yours Tulips too? We almost bought the grape hyacinths!

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