Making Breeches

Various ways of finishing the hem.

Rickrack, Rolled hem, Pinked and button-hole stitched, Hanky-edge.

 It has come to our attention that Hittys exist in the world who actually have no under clothes. This situation has even been known to happen in the Quimper Hitty cupboard.

Some Hitty dolls like the freedom of cavorting around in breeches and wear them under sun dresses, or as  comfortable trousers.

I have been asked by some friends to prepare a blog tutorial on my method of making breeches, and hope that this might be useful. I used a lace-edged hanky to make the ones illustrated, but there are various ways of finishing the hems as illustrated in the picture above.

Click on any picture to get into the gallery, and then navigate by using the forward and back arrows. Please note that all the stitching is done by hand, as I find it difficult to get the machine to sew doll clothes without chewing them up.



Sun dress and Rick Rack-edged breeches

Sun dress and Rick Rack-edged breeches

Constance approves of  these breeches – they match her pleated pinafore which she is wearing as a sun dress! The Pinafore instructions can be found if you click here.



18 thoughts on “Making Breeches

  1. What would we do without the great instructionals you provide us with? I need to get busy and start making some breeches for the gals here. Thank you so much!

  2. Uh Oh! Hand stitching???!!! I don’t suppose I could get the Hittys to stitch their own…
    They are lovely, though. And we really admire the slashes.

  3. What great timing! I seriously need to provide the Bonsai Hittys with many pairs of breeches. Thank you so much for providing great guidance!!

  4. Thank you . I have only made the very simple type of bloomers. These are so much more sophisticated and also
    very attractive! Appreciate the help and the great photos.

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