Comox Valley Log Cabin

Linnea's new home

Linnea’s new home

While we were visiting the Comox Valley Hittys, the littlest member of the human family went on a tiny little walk inside the deer fence that surrounds her new big home – look what she found!

Log Cabin

Log Cabin

We all were dumbfounded – it was as if that particular house in the woods was just waiting for a little girl with Hittys to move in!

Peeking in the Window

Peeking in the Window

Linnea and Constance peered inside…

Forest dining

Forest dining room

…Tatty and Dulcie checked out the furniture…



And Constance approved of the well-stocked woodshed…

The roof comes off!

The roof comes off!

..The roof lifts off revealing and bunkbeds with bedding, a fireplace, and a few spiderwebs.

versatile furniture

versatile furniture

Linnea was enchanted by her very own dwelling and has plans for a massive clean-up….

My home is yours

My home is yours

…which include  inviting her Hitty sisters back as soon as may be for a work party!!

21 thoughts on “Comox Valley Log Cabin

  1. What a wonderful cabin!!!! Bunk beds and fireplace you said? Hummmmmm you may have a few visitors!!!!! Lovely place indeed…littlest human found a treasure!

  2. Oh my word! How thrilling- it’s a sign that your daughter and her husband truly found the perfect home for the Littlest Human and her Hittys. A faery house in the woods- truly enchanting!

    • I am glad to hear that Linnea has some domestic inclinations – they will come in handy during the refurbishment of the cabin. Don’t forget that there is a standing offer of assistance from the other Hittys and their human.

  3. oh what fun!! The smallest human is looking delightful. I loved the pic of the Hittys peering in the window. A great find and surely there will be future reports on this cabin.

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  5. We want one! We want one! We want one! That single statement has been filling the pioneer Hitty house ever since the girls, Robin and Tillie, discovered this post. They sat glued to the screen, staring out the wonderful cabin, for oh so long and now alternate between telling anyone that will listen that they want their very own Hitty cabin and studying the pictures of your cabin while asking the boys if they think they could make one. The boys have grown weary of the questions and requests and have carried themselves off somewhere far from the girls.

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