Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray

Opal and Agathe admire the lovely delicate cluster of Ocean Spray blossoms.

 The Quimper Hitty human is very fond of this plant – it formed part of two large bouquets of wildflowers she picked one morning…  later that afternoon (30 years ago today) the Quimper Hitty human and the Hitty’s favourite photographer promised each other that:

“Life is only life forever more

together wing to wing and oar to oar”










20 thoughts on “Ocean Spray

    • The flower always reminds me of that special day! The poem is the last four lines from “the Master Speed” by Robert Frost, and has been our mantra for 30 years so far!

  1. Many congratulations to you both…loved “ehpem’s” response to the posting. Ah, our daughter was married one year ago today too!

    • It does seem like a milestone worth celebrating! Opal and Agathe make every celebration more delightful – they came with us on a day trip to Mayne Island today and had a lovely romp in the woods.

  2. oh this post made me smile…you made my day. It is a lovely thing to go thru life with one’s best friend. Happy Anniversary to both of the Quimper humans!!!

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