Mungo’s New Job

Gainful Employment

Gainful Employment

Mungo has found a summer job!  The entire Hitty Cupboard is rejoicing…



…He has the right skills – Mungo is a natural at ladder-climbing…



…and he already had the right uniform!

"Man" in Kilt

“Man” in Kilt

…he’s more of a “Boy in Kilt” but Mungo is happy to have an outdoor job this sunny summer, and the Quimper Hitty girls are glad of a little less skirling in the cupboard.




15 thoughts on “Mungo’s New Job

  1. My, perhaps we need a young man round here. There are a few slates loose on our old house and it would not be be sensible to climb up in our long skirts. Perhaps our Person should recruit a boy to be live-in help.
    Do boys and men like cake? I do so love to bake, but Mary and I are watching our waistlines so there is little point in firing up my stove at the moment.
    Roberta Not-Quite-Hitty xx

  2. OH what a lark!! I am trying to imagine these guys (and Mungo) in my area…very rural…very conservative (yes I kow what am I doing here?)…most of the guys in jeans or those bib overalls. I think that kilts would get quite a reaction.
    So happy to see Mungo gainfully employed. I am sure he is an asset to the company.

    • I think Mungo is very attached to his clothing – I doubt he would trade his kilt for bib overalls, even to pacify conservative guys. He is a great asset to the Men in Kilts – a hard worker and bubbling with enthusiasm!

  3. How amazing is that–for Mungo to find a sign leading him to his perfect employment opportunity with like-minded (re: dressed) men!!

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