Walrus Farewell



Constance is a little mournful at another sign that summer is ending….her favourite live walrus cam on Round Island in Alaska has closed for the season, the park naturalists and camera operators have left the island, and soon the walrus boys will all be gone too – swimming north to meet up with the rest of their kindred.

Understanding Friends

Understanding Friends

Fortunately Constance has the block twins to keep her amused and they are doing their best to emulate her favourite pinnipeds.  Constance is somewhat cheered-up by their walrus-y behaviour but hopes they don’t take it too far.



And she has her Walrus side-table, and she will be sure to check for the web cam next year!


10 thoughts on “Walrus Farewell

  1. Dear Constance, all signs add up…summer is coming to a close! But Fall is ahead and that is bountiful!!!! We can almost smell the wonderful soups soon to cook with all the veggies the garden still provides! Don’t mourn…walruses will be back before you know it…the block twins will come up with all sorts of “adventures” to keep you busy. Cheers and smiles….good times ahead!

  2. These postings are always so amazingly creative and informative. What intelligent and wonderfull little ones these Hittys are! Thanks so much for my daily Hitty fix! Ann

    • We’re thinking of subscribing to the “feed” so we get immediate notification! Not sure how to do it though, and will have to wait until the technical help comes home to advise us.

  3. But of course we all know the block twins WILL take it too far!! Ahhh yes summer ending is poignant for all of us. But I think that perhaps Constance and the walruses are a much more exotic ending then most of us experience. Thank you for the adventure!

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