Honey Spas



On August fourteenth  it is traditional to bless the honey in Russia and Ukraine!



It is believed that today the bees stop collecting nectar, roses stop blooming, the swallows start their migration south and the dew on the grass becomes cold.  This celebration marks the beginning of the end of summer.

Honey Spas

Honey Spas

Happy Honey Spas.  We hope people everywhere are able to celebrate a joyful and abundant honey harvest!




15 thoughts on “Honey Spas

  1. This is a matchless narrative….exquisite colorings…a Vermeer in QH folk form…..love it! Now I know where the tiny checked squares came from for the quilt strips! Thank you.

  2. Seems like every bit about August 14 is true!!!! Dew on the grass is cooler this morning…Indeed, we wish for abundant honey harvest…at least, let’s wish our bees to survive!!!! We couldn’t get our normal order this summer…bees are suffering from our ways of life…maybe Hitty Constance can ask for special blessing for them!!!

    • We do ask for special blessings for happy healthy bees, natural flowers no pesticides and no bee-mites! Our weather is cool today too, but we have been seeing quite a few bees again this year. Last year was hard on them, and this year is dry but they are finding wildflowers, and urban bee-gardens. Let’s all plant bee-flowers next year!

  3. Gotta love a holiday that blesses the sweet things in life! And I love how you always show a beautiful story in gorgeous pictures. (If you ever make a coffee table book, put me on the list!)

    • We love the idea of blessing the harvested honey. I like to learn about what is important to other people in other countries and circumstances. Perhaps we can learn to recognize and value our own gifts.

  4. I am so touched by the beauty of your photographs… Lovely calm Constance in her scarf, the amber like honey in the jars, the beautiful icon on the carved box, and the exquisite light- they all come together to make a beautiful blessing for the bees, a time to give thanks for the bounty and beauty of the earth and for the tender mindfulness that you continue to share with us. Thank you, thank you!

  5. I second all the above comments! Truly a lovely entry in the QH blog. Constance looks lovely . the triptych icon is really nice. but now for one little question….how do you get that scarf to look so natural on Constance. Is the fabric really fine?? Oh and thank you for the link to the blog on this special day!

    • Constance’s scarf is a quarter of a very worn out cotton hanky folded in half into a triangle. It was so incredibly soft and limp, I used the corner with the border as the outside, and rolled the hems of the other two sides. It was one of several hankies wafted to me by my friend the zephyr last January!

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