Hanky Dress Picnic

Girls in Hanky Dresses

Girls in Hanky Dresses

Several of the Quimper Hittys are away from the Hitty cupboard at the moment.  Tansy went North to Quadra Island, and a few other girls have gone South to Oregon. Five of the ones left behind are having fun right at home, and have decided to go on a summer picnic.

They are all wearing Hanky dresses that have arrived in the Hitty cupboard over the years. Hattie is leading the way  in a dress from Denise, Patience next wearing Sylvia’s creation, Rose and Perdita in brand new dresses from Jackie, and Gracia at the back in a dress from Susan.  Who knew there were so many ways to make a dainty handkerchief into a Hitty dress – not one alike!

Girls going

Girls going

…most of the girls climbed carefully on the rocks…



…but Patience was impatient on the 118 steps up the hill, and had to climb up some of them twice!




6 thoughts on “Hanky Dress Picnic

  1. Ahhh Patience being impatient! Cute pic. The girls are all stunning in their summery hankie frocks. Hope that the travelers are all having as much fun as the home bodies.

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