Gráinne and my favourite tea vessel

Gráinne and my favourite tea vessel

Olive wood Gráinne was carved in Oregon, and completed at the crack of dawn on August 28th. On the first full day of her existence,  we traveled 400 + km by land and sea,  and crossed an international border populated by menacing excisemen.



Gráinne’s name can be anglicised as Granya, but she prefers the Irish spelling.  She was very glad I dug some seafaring clothes out of the Hitty wardrobe, because she’s named after a famous 17th century pirate, the redoubtable Gráinne O’Malley (click on the name to read the Wikipedia entry).  Thanks so much to Janet Cordell, an outstanding carver and my teacher last week (click on her name for her website), and to tc Vollum who generously put us up and put up with us while dolls emerged from lumps of wood (click on her name for her website).


Gráinne is already planning piratical adventures and hopes that a few of the Quimper Hittys will join her.

20 thoughts on “Gráinne

    • Thanks so much. It was five days of carving, and she would not have happened at all without major contributions from tcv and Janet, and the committment of both to increase the little wooden doll population of the world!

  1. What a fantastic doll! She has a beautiful face. Her grain is fantastic and her eyes are wonderfully painted. What a great job you’ve done. I can hardly wait to meet her in person.

  2. what a lovely little pirate she is with an infamous namesake to follow. I imagine there will be some grand adventures with her Hitty companions. Is there a castle – or two- hiding in the cupboard?

  3. The Country Hittys and I are simply bemused. Grainne is lovely. Her eyes are amazing. Her smile so enigmatic. Yes a darling little pirate queen!! thank you for sharing her with us…and Kudos to you for your achievement!

  4. Sounds exciting and she is lovely. One of these days will get enough courage to try to carve. Have all the supplies ready!

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