A Proper Coat for Gráinne


Pattern and bits

Pattern and bits

Gráinne likes the clothes I have been making for her, but she made a special request for an eighteenth century frock coat so she could feel like a real pirate.  I could not resist the challenge, although it took a few days and a few false starts before I draughted a pattern that I thought would work…



She did approve of the shape, but thought it was a little plain-looking



…so I went back to the sewing room and dug out gold thread and beads

Waiting Patiently

Waiting Patiently

…and Gráinne sat in her favourite basket waiting patiently…




Until the coat was more to to her liking!!

30 thoughts on “A Proper Coat for Gráinne

  1. Oh! What a very special pirate she is! You outdid yourself on this work of art… Can’t wait to hear all about her adventures!

  2. She looks absolutely splendid in her new pirate clothing, and so pleased with what you did for her!! The gold was the perfect solution for a pirate lady!

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