Drake Eatery Table

Thanks to The Drake

Thanks to The Drake

The Hittys have acquired a wonderful new piece of kitchen furniture!

Yesterday the Quimper Hitty human and their favourite photographer stopped at The Drake Eatery for a some restorative liquids and lunch. We found it a quiet, friendly and well-provisioned place to withdraw from the morning’s frenetic milling about interspersed with queue-standing.  In the window of the Eatery we both spied this totally adorable Hitty-sized kitchen table with useful accessories attached. When we asked about it the very lovely proprietors gave it to us.  They said it had been loved long enough in their window, and it was time for it to go and be loved elsewhere. Click here for their website.

Gracia thinks if the accoutrements could be removed, it would look well in her carnicería and is she looking forward to dressing game  upon it (especially duck).

11 thoughts on “Drake Eatery Table

  1. What I miss, what I long for I can always find in your amazing world. My memories, my childhood days, and much better human life in love, in peace, etc. everything with your little creative world, how hits me every time… Almost makes me so happy… Because I know, there is someone there who keeps all these precious things alive in this chaotic life… I admire and I love, and I enjoy being in your world. Thank you, million time I can say this. You are one of my beautiful blogger friends. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Love, nia

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