Little Tin Bed 2

Feels Good to Lie Down

Feels Good to Lie Down

The antique tin dollhouse bed is a little too small for the Quimper Hittys…

…but Constance was struck by a dreaded lurgy and had to lie down.  Min was worried, but Constance says she’ll be OK after a “short” rest…




10 thoughts on “Little Tin Bed 2

  1. Who am I? My name is Ned
    I do not like my little bed.
    This is not good. This is not right.
    My feet stick out of bed all night.
    And when I pull them in, Oh, Dear!
    My head sticks out of bed up here!
    ~~Dr. Seuss
    But I’ll bet they all love that sweet little bed…hope Constance feels better after her little lie-down!

  2. Oh! Dear Constance, get well quick!!!!! Your dancing shoes are awaiting New Year’s eve celebration!!!!! You can’t welcome 2016 laying “short”! Indeed, tea would help!

  3. Oh how deadful …the awful Lurgy….hoping that our dear girl is up and about very soon. Hopefully before her poor feet get cold!! I must admit that in spite of its “shortcomings” (I could not resist) I am also a fan of that little tin bed!

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