A Bit of Snow

Snow Heap

Snow Heap

A bit of snow fell near Victoria…

Warm Wrap

Warm Wrap

…luckily the Quimper Hittys have warm wraps…



…and a desire to explore the wonders of the outdoors, (especially when appropriately attired).




The two girls went for a short walk…


Snow Person

Snow Person

…and had a short chat with a short cold smiling snow person, before retiring inside for a cup of tea with a friend.




15 thoughts on “A Bit of Snow

  1. There’s something to be said about a walk in the snow in a warm attire!!!! Isn’t it wonderful how things look magical? Great photos! And now the girls can be safe and warm inside!

  2. Once again, a lovely blog experience has been had here. The QHs look comfy in their homey capes amidst the cold conditions outside. What a pleasant surprise to find that little snow person.

      • Thanks – I based the pattern and the embellishment on an 1880’s doll cloak design from Coleman’s book of doll clothes. The ric-rac looking stuff is some kind of narrow braid wound round with a silver thread which has tarnished so it doesn’t sparkle, but I liked the effect anyway, and looked like the right material for the purpose.

    • They were quite comfy, and very happy that the outing included cups of tea! Little snow person was extremely glad to have a little conversation – I think snow people can be lonely!

  3. Oh, it looks like A LOT of snow. Looks cold, glad everyone is back inside with a cup of hot tea. Having a friend for tea just “adds icing to the cake”. As always, beautiful photos.
    Celia C

  4. The country HIttys are expecting bit of the white stuff tomorrow and have already gotten out their wraps. We so enjoyed seeing the Quimper girls and their short round friend! Lovely capes by the way!

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