Straw Hat #2

I have made a few gathers at the sides of the brim on the penultimate row of the braid...

Constance Helps with Millinery

A couple of years ago I made Constance a Jane Austen Era outfit, and wearing it, she a had a delightful Regency Afternoon Tea with Patience and Zipporah (Click here for a link to that post).  To complete Constance’s outfit I made a cloth-covered straw bonnet  – unfortunately, while the bonnet looked great, it didn’t fit her.

I have been promising her a new bonnet ever since, and the straw hat disassembly project is the perfect opportunity to make good on that promise. Below you will see the I made way her new bonnet, with illustrations of the process.  You might notice that I give no measurements – this is because Hitty heads vary greatly in size, and if you want to try this you will need to use your own intended Hitty recipient as a model!

The pictures are arranged in order and form a gallery.  You can click on any of the pictures, and then navigate back and forward using the arrows at the right or left edge of the picture… you can get out of the gallery by hitting the escape key, or clicking on the little “X” off in the top left hand corner.

Constance is very happy with her complete Regency style outfit, especially her new bonnet…


Gilly's new bonnet

Gilly’s new bonnet

…and her old bonnet has a new owner with just the right sized head!




20 thoughts on “Straw Hat #2

    • The Quimper Hittys are all very fond of their fancy underwear, with the exception of Gráinne, who likes her practical, shipworthy canvas breeches, and Mungo, who won’t admit to what he is or isn’t wearing under his kilt!

    • You are welcome – I hope they will inspire a rush of Hitty bonnet-making! That last picture was an afterthought – as I dressed Constance in her Regency finery, I suddenly realised we have a small Hitty now and – glory be – it made a perfect little sunbonnet for her!

    • I think all the Hittys would like straw hats, I just hope I have the stamina to a couple of dozen more hats done…some for friends too! Gráinne might want a hat in case she has to go visit the Queen, we’ll see!

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