Straw Hat

Thrift Store har

Thrift Store Hat

Chilly winters can sometimes be dull, but Constance and Carrot Soup have found an exciting squashy hat from the thrift store…

Paper and Polyester

Paper and Polyester

For ages we have been looking  for a hat with narrow, flexible, straw-coloured braid. Winter seems to be a good time to find cheap second-hand straw hats!



The hat makes a very cosy nest,



…but we are busy snipping the stitches…



and turning it back into narrow braid, there are Hitty millinery plans afoot.




9 thoughts on “Straw Hat

  1. I too will look forward to what comes from the hands of the thrifty, creative and inventive QH human with Hittys hinting and helping alongside.

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